In Hand Project

GhudhiShikarpur Dist. Maharajganj

Suremanpur, Bairiya Feedar Marg.

Jalalpur–Rampur Bhagan Tarun Ahirauli Marg 22.35Km.

Sandila Atruli Bhatpur.

Renewal Road on BillharghatBandha at FZD.

Gorakhpur 25.50Km.

Saidpur Chieayakot road Dist. Ghazipur.

RajyaYojna Mau Farata 41Km Jhansi.

Lalitpur Devgrah Road 32.30Km.

R & C

Infra Engineer's

R&C infra engineer' activity areas include turnkey responsibility for Roads, Highways and government projects. We have a unique business model, with proven expertise in innovative thinking, project and cost management. We are focused on delivering high quality work within budgeted time and costs, as evident in the various accolades and repeat business.


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